Orlando Garcia What’s good, Sir. You got some time for that convo we spoke about last week? We need some site content for the people. 

Sir Froderick Sure.

OG Cool. I think a nice place to get started is with your current work. Last I saw you was at your shop, you were knee deep in some work and it seems that’s always the case and although you’re constantly busy it seems like it’s a natural place for you to be. You’ve created an all inclusive environment that attracts artist and it seems like it happened easily. How did Fivespace come to be the place it is?

SF Consistency and passion.

OG Passion is the driver. Consistency is the vehicle. 
With Fivespace well established now, it makes sense that you get back to Rarebreed Records. I understand Rarebreed isn’t anything new either. You’ve had several releases over the past decade with three this past year. Tell me about what Rarebreed is apart from a Record Label.

SF Rarebreed is another passion project of mine. It’s a platform to be able to share my creations with everyone and it morphed into not only holding my art but now other people expressions and I only hope that it grows.

OG I think that artist like Marques and Luxe bring diverse expressions of the art put out by Rarebreed. Allowing them to do their part is definitely aiding in Rarebreed growth. 

SF Thx you for mentioning. And to add they are great people and make great art and was humble to have an opportunity to have them share their vision on Rarebreed.

OG Moving back in the timeline a bit, when was the beginning of Rarebreed and why did you feel it important to create your own platform, in what would ultimately become Rarebreed?

SF Rarebreed goes as far back to my high school days…my crew, we called ourselves tht. All hip hop shit we did it…you know the elements. By the time I moved to Philly the idea morphed into a shop I opened up downtown. The shop sold the hip hop tools needed to make your mark on society.

OG Right, like hop hop itself, Rarebreed is much more than than the music it puts out. Its origins allude to that.

SF Correct.

OG Like yourself also, you’ve been actively creating visual art along with your music. The style you’ve created for the music and visual art coexist in the same realm. Has the expression of all your art within your musical and visual catalog been a calculated endeavor ?

OG Sir? You there?