Rachel’s Suffering At The Hands of The Sentinels​.​.​.



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DIDAFLO has returned after a year hiatus since his release “Doodooloops” with Urban Waves/Radio Juicy. His new LP “Rachel’s Suffering At The Hands Of The Sentinels…” showcases DIDAFLO’S cut and paste collage style of sampling from soul, jazz, & funk records to tell an aural story about the birth of Rachel’s daughter Isabella Rose. Captivated by the mysterious bearded afroman, she begins to realize her purpose in the world. Bella’s overprotective father tries to do all he can to keep them apart but in the end realizes the future of the world depends on her becoming the third eye monster. Accepting her destiny, Bella is able to save us all from the Sentinels master plan.

DIDAFLO brings back on board the uncanny comic collage artist Sir Froderick to produce the whole project. In return, Froderick invited longtime collaborator and friend Swarvy (Leaving Records/Street Corner Music) to handle mix and mastering. DIDAFLO adds “Playing this album loud will attract the sentinels.”